here are instructions for connecting your iPhone 4 to an Exchange server.
  1. From the Home screen (or whichever screen you’ve moved the icon to), click the Settings icon.
    iPhone Settings icon
  2. In the Settings screen, click Mail, Contacts, Calendars
    Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Click Add Account
    Add Account
  4. Click Microsoft Exchange
    Microsoft Exchange
  5. Enter the information in the account screen:
    Empty account settings screen


    • Enter your e-mail address *exactly* as the default account is set (for example, if your outbound e-mail address is, enter it exactly that way – do not enter
    • Enter your internal domain name (if needed)
    • Enter your account name (this is the name used to log into your computer, it may or may not match your e-mail address)
    • Enter your account password
    • Enter a description for the account (Exchange will be the name if you do not put anything into the description field
  6. Once you have verified that the information entered is correct, click Next.
    Account Information Complete
  7. You may see a warning that your server identity cannot be identified. This is expected if the server is Exchange 2003 or if the Autodiscover record for the server has not been set up properly. If you see this message, click Continue.
    Cannot identify the mail server
  8. If you did get the previous message that the phone could not verify the identity of the server, you will need to enter the name of the server. This will be the same address you enter to get to Outlook Web Access (i.e., if you use as the address for your Outlook Web Access server, then enter in the Server field).
    Server Name
  9. You may receive a second warning that the server identity cannot be verified. This will be the case if your Exchange server has an invalid or untrusted SSL certificate. The iPhone can continue to communicate with the server using this certificate, and that communication is still secured. If this is the first, or second, time you get this warning, click Continue.
  10. If you receive a message that the Exchange account cannot be verified, click OK and make sure you have entered the account information correctly. This error will most often appear if a password has not been entered correctly or if the Domain information is incorrect.
    Cannot Verify Account
  11. Once the account has been validated, select which Exchange features you wish to synchronize with your phone, then click Save.
    Select Items to Synchronize
  12. After creating the account, you can go back into the account settings to change the items you wish to synchronize, or to modify other synchronization options.
    Account Details

At this point, your iPhone will start to synchronize information with your Exchange account. Depending on the data connection speed of the iPhone and your server, along with how much data you have in your mailbox to synchronize, this process may take some time.